Jan 31, 2010

A little bit crazy...

Mr. CB got me this shirt a while ago. I like to wear it with striped socks.

I wear it when I'm a little mischievous. But since I'm a parent and need to act like I'm an adult around my kids, goofing off has to wait until they're in bed.
My mom says this video of me is embarrassing and she can't believe I'm posting it.
I say it was way fun, and besides, this is how Mr. CB and I relate. No, really, it is. We're dorks. In fact, I knew Mr. CB was the one to marry when he partially closed a ziplock bag leaving a small opening where he could suck all the air out, then finish closing the now vacuum packed leftovers. My heart went pitter pat.
On another note, we had Blue's party yesterday which rocked! I'll post some pictures soon.


  1. Love the video. It's so true. I totally would try getting into that car.

  2. You're too cute! Bear and I enjoyed watching your video :) I once folded myself into a suitcase on a dare, so I understand accepting a challenge- even if you were only challenging yourself :)