Jan 3, 2010

New Years!

Did you have fun? We sure did! Great Grandma was with us as we rang in the new year, as was my sister Kay visiting from college. Razz stayed up, but sweet Blue headed to bed long before the ball dropped. We had some lovely sparkling juice and then called it a night morning as Great Grandma and Kay were leaving the next day.

Goodbye Grams and Kay! We'll miss you.
One thing we won't miss is the weather we're currently having. But I did get to make a couple of fun things for Razz. Grandma had gotten her a toy wooden rolling pin, spoon, and cutting board for Christmas so we decided to accessorize.

Mr. CB found the fabric at Walmart in the super-cheap-fiber-content-unknown-because-it's-made-from-whatever-is-on-hand pile. I think it's lovely. I got the pattern for the hat here, and the apron I just copied from another I had. We had lots of fun today, but I'm getting a little cabin fever. The only thing that is keeping me from delirium is my sewing machine. Well, that and Mr. CB. He's great.

Mr. CB, you are so handsome.

Ode to Mr. Crackle Berry

You are my sunshine when there is no sun.
You are my sanity when the kids take it away from me.
You are my driver on icy winter roads.
You wash all my clothes so I don't have to face the scary basement.
You are not a potato.

I think it's time to go to bed. Or watch more Lost. One of the two. I think Lost wins.

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  1. Mr. CB is not a potatoe, doggy dog.. LOL loved it!