Jan 4, 2010

We have transportation once again!

Darby finally decided to wake up! After a couple hours of engine heating, a couple of jumps, and Mr. CB working his tail off in the freezing cold for 45 minutes this morning, Darby purred to life. Mr. CB thinks it was mostly the cold, but partially the door I left open two nights before that drained the battery(oops!). We have a magnetic engine heater now that is temporary (thanx Mom and Dad!) because it has to be removed before you start the car. Since it attaches to the oil pan, we have to jack up the car and lay on the frozen ground to get it on and off = not fun. Not to mention walking out into the thigh deep snow of our back yard to plug it in in the dark. Hopefully Darby can be seen by the car doctor soon and get a permanent engine block heater that plugs in through the front grill. Much easier! And I'll try to remember to shut my door, really I will.
Mr. CB is back at work, and little Miss Razz is back at school. I miss them, but it's nice to have a some time to myself and Blue. He's growing so fast! Yesterday he, Mr. CB, and Razz we watching XMen 3 (totally appropriate for a 5 and almost 2 year old) while I was taking a bath. Suddenly Blue burst in. In his sweet toddler voice he said "Mama, a man!" Me - "What about a man?" Blue - "Turn blue!" Me - "A man turned blue?" Blue - "Yeah, perfect!" then turned and walked out leaving the door open and letting my lovely steam out and cold air in.
Mr. CB just called. He said the car doctor told him we probably need a new battery and would be willing to squeeze us in during lunch. *Sigh* Apparently you need to replace car batteries every couple of years. News to me. News to Mr. CB too. More $$$ we don't have. Oh well. Thank goodness we pay tithing. Somehow we always pull through.
School is starting up again for me and the Mr. Hopefully things will go smooth. I don't know my schedule until the first day of school so trying to coordinate daycare and picking Razz up from the bus stop is going to be a little dicey.

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