Jan 8, 2010

Razz has Telekinesis!!

So, we're still stuck at my parents due to the unfashionably cold and dreary weather. And I'm still without my camera's USB cord to upload photos, plus the battery in my camera died. Plus, Darby won't start again *sigh*. We left the engine heater at our house, thinking that the weather wouldn't get that cold again so soon, and that if it did our new battery would have no problem. Oops. On the bright side, I didn't leave my door open so it's not my fault! Anyway, they canceled school yesterday and today so Razz, Blue, and I have been hanging out and goofing around.
Yesterday when it was time for the kids nap, I had Blue in one room and Razz in the living room on the couch due to Blue's inability to refrain from physical violence when his sister is in the same room during nap time. Bed time is usually no problem, it's just nap time where his mean streak come out. Odd, don't you think? Lately Razz has been pretending to move things with her mind. I'll ask her to put a toy away and she'll rush and put it a way and then come back and say "Mom, did you see that? I didn't even move! I made the toy put itself away with my mind!" and I usually say "Wow, Razz, you're magic! Can you put X,Y, and Z away with your mind too?. Funny thing is I know she's done this at school because the other day she told me her teacher told her she was only allowed to move things with her mind at home! Well, during nap time I guess Razz was exercising her mental abilities. From where she was laying she could see the front door. Now, you must understand that my parents front door sometimes doesn't like to latch and it pops open with any sort of pressure change, like a gust of wind outside or the back door being opened. Guess what, the door popped open! While Razz was staring at it! Proof! At least proof for Razz, that is. She screamed and ran up to me and said "Mom, I really move the door with my mind! Before when I moved stuff I was just pretending, but this time it was REAL!". I had a good chuckle and sent her back to bed.
Hopefully I can get the car started soon. I have a new bunch of Knee Knickers to drop off.

Hopefully we keep warm! The high is suppose to be -9. Yikes!


  1. Glad you can make the best of snowy, cold days! Thanks for the good laugh: if I were Razz and the door had done that for me, I'd think I'd have Telekinesis too!

  2. It was around 50 where I am today...Stay warm!! :)