Jan 2, 2010

Letters to the Weather

Dear -35+ temps,
I don't like you. Please go away.
You wreak havoc on my asthma. Every time I open the door my lungs rebel. I'm tired of feeling weak and shaky from the double doses of my albuterol inhaler.
Our lovely car Darby has refused to start because he doesn't want to get out of bed. Even the Emergency Roadside Assistance man couldn't coax him from his slumber.
Mr. CB had to miss work and therefore we are out $$$.
You made me and the kids miss an awesome Ghost Busters party. I had stayed up late last night finishing the present for the party and now I'm tired. Grrrr.
We had to spend $$$ to buy a warmer for the oil pan that we can't put on yet because it's dark and too cold!
We will have to miss Church tomorrow. Double grrrr.
The sun was out today, but I couldn't let the kids outside because they would freeze to death. That means they were stuck inside destroying the house all day.
Please tell the southern winds to come for a visit. I like them.

Dear -35+ temps,
I like you. Please stay a couple more days.
Because the car won't start Mr. CB got to stay home and snuggle me and the kids. Yay!
I didn't have any schedule to keep so I was able to relax and do cute crafty things for the kids.
I also had time to make homemade mac and cheese with Razz's help. Yum!
I got to take a nap!!!!!!
I read lots of books to Blue. He's getting so smart. He also peed in the toilet, but I don't think that has anything to do with you. Moving on.
The icicles are so pretty and the crisp air is so clear. Wow.
You remind me how thankful I am for a warm house and electricity.
Feel free to stay until the food runs out.

Dear -35+ temps,
Unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. We simply cannot afford your extended stay. You must leave. Now.
Thank you for your cooperation,

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