Jan 12, 2010

Revised: I Very Much Dislike Winter!

I just forgot a few details, so I revised this post for my memory's sake. Read on!
This post is neither cheery nor humerous(it did, however, turn out to be touching and heartwarming), so if you're in the mood for a laugh, go here and do not continue reading. You have been forwarned!
Saturday we spent the day at home, glorious home! Having been stuck several times in the past couple of weeks away from home I was very happy to relax in our own house. Mr. CB miraculously did not have work, so we got some stuff done around the house then decided to drive into the other big town (i.e. not the one we work/educate in, but the one we go to Church in) to return some Christmas items. We should have never left our comfy, cozy, teeny, tiny crackle berry bush!
The roads weren't all that horrible, and by the time they started getting scary we were over halfway there. Mr. CB is an awesome winter driver and he felt confident we could make it there and back. So we continued on our merry scary way. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there, in opposed to the 45 min it normally takes. That should have been a clue to start making some plans, but we didn't. We had dinner instead. We had left around 6 and by this time it was 7:30. Blue didn't eat very much, which is normal, but neither did Razz, which is abnormal. She was also looking a little pale. I just chalked it up to the fact that she had just woken up from her snooze on the loooong car ride. We finish dinner and get to the store. They gave us peanuts for the returns, but we had other stuff we needed to buy so we started shopping. There was nothing there. Everything was the wrong color, size, style, etc. Zilch. At this point it was past 9 and I wanted to start heading home soon, plus we had another store we were going to hit. Then Razz started screaming these blood curdling screams that her stomach hurt. Then she puked, and puked, and puked some more. Poor Razz, poor really nice Columbia jacket, poor boots, poor had, poor pants, socks, gloves, cart, aisle, my boots, and pants. Mr. CB hightailed it out of there to go look for some clothes for Razz since he can't stand the stuff. I and a worker slowly started cleaning up. It took us until 10, but we spent our peanuts plus on jammies, long johns, and slippers for the girl and got her all squared away. The other store we wanted to go to was now closed so we went to Walmart for some Gatorade and a cheap jacket for Razz before heading home. By the time we were out of there it was after 11. We started on the road home and once we were out of the city, visibility was almost nothing due to blowing snow. Mr. CB kept going very slowly, but he kept having this sinking feeling until he became almost frightened. He knew then the Spirit was telling him not to drive us home so he turned us around. Even though we had lots of friends we could have stayed with, we found a hotel that gave us a good discount. I just didn't want to bother anyone, or get them sick. We were lucky enough to find a parking spot in this little nook that was protected from the wind. Since we didn't have our engine heater with us, I was hoping that the car would start again in the morning. At the hotel we realized that we didn't have enough diapers with us so I sent Mr. CB back to the store and I tucked the kids in. He came back close to 1 in the morning, and even though it was late, we were so worked up from the night we couldn't sleep. When we finally did go to sleep, it wasn't long before Razz was crying for me because she was going to be sick again. I took care of her and spent the rest of the night adjusting the heater due to waking up too hot or too cold. It was a long night. In the morning we decided to skip Church and just go home. We didn't have any nice clothes, and the last thing I wanted to share were Razz's germs. Luckily, Darby started up first try! His little nook did the trick, keeping him warm enough over night. On our way out, Mr. CB checked the roads and they were impassable. To church we went, late, sick, disheveled, and unprepared to worship, but as always welcomed with open arms and warm hearts. Many members heard our story, offered us comfort and compassion, and then soundly scolded us for not bothering them! The most touching thing to me was that a sweet Sister we visit pulled me aside and offered to pay us for the hotel room. She is a single mom, and often is short on funds. She said she had a little extra that month and wanted to write us a check! As my tears started to fall, I refused the money but accepted her hug. As her arms surrounded me, I felt the Saviors love poor into my heart. Even though this weekend was harrowing, we were always under His protection. His Spirit guided us, and His flock comforted us. I didn't get much out of the actual words spoken during Church last Sunday, instead it was the actions of His followers that spoke to my heart. After church we were welcomed into another members small apartment, feed, and entertained until the roads had been cleared. Razz started to perk back up, and I was humbled by the unselfish giving of our friends. On the drive home we realized just how bad the roads had been the night before. Because our snow here is so dry and powdery, it acts like sand, forming dunes and scattering when the wind blows. Because the winds were so strong last night, huge drifts had accumulated on the road that were easily 4 ft tall. The evidence of these mountains of snow loomed over us, cut in half by the plows. There would have been no way we would have gotten home. If Mr. CB had pushed on, we would have spent the night stuck, cold, and possibly hurt with little Blue and sick Razz. But we were given the opportunity to listen to His voice through the sweet whisperings hollering of the Spirit. How blessed we truly are.


  1. You know this is the type of thing you tell me about before you put it on your blog. Crazy. I like all the hyperlinks though.

  2. Wow. All I can say is wow! Poor Razz, but how wonderful that God can make something as gross as puke wonderful ;)

    Hope everyone's feeling healthy soon and thanks for your comments on my blog Cherry. You're right, I never had to title my dear diary posts :)

  3. I'm sorry you guys had such a rough weekend! That doesn't sound fun. Glad you were safe though and have such an awesome husband too! I hope Kaija is feeling better and good luck this semester!