Jan 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Blue!

Dear Blue,
At 11:11am Central Time you entered this world 2 years ago. At the exact same time your sister was diagnosed with RSV and wasn't allowed near you without being disinfected and masked for two weeks!
But once you were allowed to be together again, you guys have been the best of pals. I love that you're a Mama's boy, never wanting to leave my side. I'm glad you force me to find new ways to parent, since you and Razz have such different dispositions. Thank you for having your Daddy's brown eyes, his nose, and his hitchhikers thumb. My love for him makes it easy to love you.
Have a great 2nd birthday!
I love you,


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Blue!!
    Cherry, I tagged you on my blog with a Kreativ Blogger Award 'cuz you're awesome :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're already 2! Time flies too fast........We miss you guys.