Feb 5, 2010

Oh, Blue!

Do you ever feel like your focus in on one child for a while, then it switches and your other child(ren) is your focus? I have found that right now I think more about and I do more things with Blue than I do Razz. She's pretty self-sufficient, but I still feel like she doesn't get enough of my attention. I always have to take care of Blue first. Blue needs this, Blue has to go in time-out, Blue needs a new diaper, Blue needs some "magic" time ("Magic" time is a good 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted Mommy play time my sister suggest when I have homework to do and Blue won't leave me alone. Once "magic" time is over, Blue is usually content to play next to me or with his sister. Thanks Sis!). Oh, and when I was downloading pictures off my camera, guess who was the main subject? Blue! Poor Razz, I think she'll get her own "magic" time this weekend doing some girly pink valentine's day crafts...after I finish my homework!
Back to Blue, my sweet little man. We've been spending quite a few nights at Grandma and Grandpa's house since the weather is often too bad to go home, or I have early class and trying to get the kids up at 5:30 in the morning in order to get to town on time is out of the question. Last night after we put them to bed in the same room, Blue bit Razz! Auuuggghhh! I have *another* bitter on my hands! So Blue came and laid down on the couch next to my desk, and after a million denied requests for milk he finally fell asleep and stayed asleep! Otherwise, if I put him back in the other room, he wakes up several times a night crying until finally I just sleep next to him. I'm not sure I like him sleeping in the same room as Mr. CB and I, but at least he's not in the bed with us. I DO like the large chunk of rest I get with this arrangement. Maybe we'll just have to move Blue into our room until we have seperate rooms for the kids....hmmm. I don't think Mr. CB will go for it, but if it's the only way I get an uninterrupted night of sleep, it just might happen. Any suggestions?

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  1. hmm, I don't really have a suggestion, but I will say I believe in doing what works to get everyone a decent amount of sleep- especially the parents :) We co-slept with Bear until he was a little over 6 mos old and then he moved into his crib and then his bed. Even now though, if he has a rough night, we don't hesitate to pull him back into bed with us. Not so much for his comfort, but the fact that he will then fall right back to sleep and we all get some rest!! So if the couch works and you're cool with it, I say go with it for now. We all know things will change in a month with these little ones anyway ;)