Jan 6, 2010

TMI Alert! Skip this post if you have a weak stomach!

The day started out pretty normal, normal for a pending blizzard that is. The drive into town wasn't horrible, but it wasn't that good either. There were a couple times we couldn't see the road, and the plows refuse to run until the snow stops flying. I digress. We got into town fine, Mr. CB was on time for work and Razz made it to school. After running a couple of errands, I got a call from Mr. CB saying they were closing the schools and the interstate. So I picked up Razz and we headed to my parents house who live in the same town we work/go to school in. Earlier this day I saw this post from Skip to My Lou for homemade gummi candy. So while Blue was taking his nap, Razz and I made some. Except Blue wasn't sleeping. He was awake. For a very good reason involving the lower half of his digestive tract, the bed, carpet, and his clothes. We won't go into specific details here, but to say that the candy was put on hold for a good hour and a half.
After a bath in the tub, and then another in the sink, some good scrubbing of Blue, the carpet, and his clothes. A couple trips to the washing machine later, we were back to making candy. I took some great pictures of it too, but it will have to wait until I can get my USB cord for the camera. Since we're staying the night at my parents, it might be a day or two 'til I can post some pics. For those of you who don't know, the crackle berry bush in which we live is 30 miles from town. This usually makes for an interesting winter. We religiously check the weather forecast the night before to see if we need to bring clothes with us into town in case we need to spend the night. It happens quite often and I am soooo thankful for my parents patience with us. I get sick of staying at there house because I feel like a little girl and not the teenager grownup that I am. They get sick of us because we're messy. But we're working on that, at least at their house.
One of my New Years resolutions is to keep my house cleaner, not spotless, just cleaner. It gets a little tricky when we're only there to sleep, and homework usually (okay always) takes precedence over housework. I'm trying to incorporate some small little cleaning routines that once I get into the habit of, I can add on. What works for you?