Mar 7, 2010

How I became Ms. Crackle Berry, Part 2!

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Me and Mr. CB in a Kmart photo booth soon after we started dating

Last we left off, I had moved to the midwest with my family leaving Mr. CB behind. I started college right away, bouncing from one major to the other, and working overnights to pay for tuition. James and I had broken up, and so I entered the shallow dating pool. All I came across were bottom dwellers, not a keeper in the bunch. I spent a year and a half trying to fit in to a place I did not belong. Tired of dating pond scum and directionless in my schooling, I decided to move back with my eldest sister Shay. Out of sheer familiarity, James and I started dating again. I began searching for a job, picking up applications at strip malls and burger joints.
It was at a music/entertainment/bookstore I ran into Mr. CB who happened to be filling out an application as well. We started chatting while we wrote down our personal info and work history. Mr. CB mentioned that he had just ended his apprenticeship as a body piercer at a local tattoo shop. As we continued to talk, I casually mentioned that I had always wanted to get a navel piercing. Displaying the kindness and generosity that would later sweep me off my feet, Mr. CB offered to do the piercing for free. All I had to do, he said, was pick up some supplies. I had no more boxes to check or lines to fill out on my form, so I wrote my number on a slip of paper, handed it to Mr. CB, and told him to call me the next week to set up a time for the piercing.
The next week James and I arrived at Mr. CB's apartment, hollow needle and barbell in hand. We chatted as Mr. CB sterilized the equipment. Later Mr. CB told me that as he was perched over my abdomen, all he could think about was how James and I were not a good fit, and that I shouldn't be with him. After the piercing was done, James and I left. I didn't see or hear from Mr. CB for another six months.
Then, one lazy summer afternoon, the phone rang. Who was it? What did they want? Stay tuned to find out!
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