Mar 16, 2010

Time for Bed!

My sweet little Blue has been having a hard time going to bed lately. He doesn't want to be more than 10 feet away from me or Mr. CB, and preferably with no permanent structures between us (you know, like those silly wall and door things that are all over the house)! For a couple weeks I let him crawl into bed with us, but it's not a good solution. First of all, wiggly toddler + light sleeper Mom = not very much rest for me. Second, I try not to let the kids sleep next to Mr. CB because when his head hits the pillow, almost nothing can wake him up. Mr. CB has slept through screaming babies, super loud lightning storms, and trees crashing into the back of the house. Additionally, once when we were first married Mr. CB apparently wasn't comfortable enough on his side of the bed so he rolled over me to the other side. Yes OVER me. Completely steamrolled. He then snuggled down and continued snoozing, not even the slightest bit aware of what he had just done!
Luckily, I survived.
However, I don't know what would happen if it was our itty bitty kids in my place. Hence, I avoid letting them into our bed unless I'm desperate. I have been very desperate lately. Blue has slept with us a lot. I finally banished him to the floor next to our bed, which works well except for the whole forgetting-that-he-is-there-and-stepping-on-him thing that tends to happen more frequent than not. So for his safety, we decided that once again he was going to stay in his room at night. Since last week was spring break, I was able to stick to my guns once the screaming commenced. And it did. Immediately upon learning it was time for bed. And it continued. For hours! So, naturally, Mr. CB and I put in a DVD and turned up the volume until we couldn't hear him anymore. Cruel, mean, neglect? I don't think so, but after a couple days we had to come up with something else. He obviously needed some motivation. Blue has been sleeping in his crib converted to a toddler bed, but it was time to ditch the crib completely.
The next time we went to Walmart we swung by the baby furniture section. I casually pointed out all the "big boy beds" to Blue and guess what, he went for it! He was so excited I let him choose which one he wanted (out of the two I showed him, no plastic character frames, thank you very much!). We loaded it in the car, got dinner, and picked up Mr. CB, then whisked home to build it.
We removed the crib and got to work. I know I should have taken a picture of the crib, but I forgot, so you'll have to use your imagination.
(Please, please, please ignore the electrical outlet hazard right where his bed goes! Blue knows not to touch it, we've had the big ouchy burn talk and he completely understands. It's a weird outlet so the normal baby proofing stuff doesn't work. When you can't baby proof the house you end up house proofing the baby.)
Let's get started! Mr. CB and the kids got to work.

Hmm, nice work, but it looks like somethings missing. Did you read the instructions Mr. CB? No? Better take a look.
Oh, so that's where that big dowel goes!
Much better!
Who's bed is this?
Blue's bed!
Blue, I'm pretty sure your fingers don't go there.
Mr. CB started looking tired...
... so Blue and I took over.

Finally finished, we threw the mattress and bedding on. What do you think?

Well, what do you know? It's time for bed! Blue crawled in, snuggled up in his favorite green fuzzy blanket, and promptly started crying.
Razz had to come snuggle him for a bit before he calmed down and fell asleep, but he stayed there. When I checked on him at 6am he was still in bed, yay! When I came back up after my shower at 6:30am this is what I found...
He kinda reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the East with his stripped legs poking out from under his blanket! When I woke him up we did a little "Blue slept in his big boy bed all night" dance and song number and repeated it several times, telling everyone through out the day. The next night he started crying again, but still climbed into bed and went to sleep. So I guess this is our new normal. Still some tears, but no screaming for two hours. Plus everyone has been getting a good night sleep, just in time for school to start again.
Which reminds me, time to hit the books!


  1. Where did you get that super cute quilt on his bed??

  2. Oh my gosh that last picture was so funny I even showed my friend sitting next to me! Bed transitions are such interesting times, huh? How are you doing with it all? It was such a bittersweet time when Bear transitioned into his bed. I hope Blue continues to like his new digs more and more :)