Mar 29, 2010

Kid Quotes

Hopefully this summer we're making a trip to Portland for a wedding (fingers crossed). We told Razz that when we were there we would go on a trip to the beach. She was so excited and told us "I'm going to go to the beach and pick up 9 jars of sea shells and dead fish!!" I just hope the 'dead fish' are fossilized.
P.S. How do you make a button? I'm thinking of making a Kid Quotes one and hooking up Mr. Linky, but I'm technically challenged. I can do it, I just need some guidance. Thanks!


  1. Email me at hello at goodgravydesigns dot com and I can walk you through the button help!

  2. sorry don't know how to do a button... but Razz is pretty spectacular. I can't wait to see you in Portland...

  3. good- glad Lelan could tell you about a button. I don't know yet, but it's on my to do list. I promised myself when I first started blogging that I'd "gift" myself with a button when I hit 50 followers. I set little goals in my life to get me excited to get there- is that weird?!

    Anyway, Portland Me? So so cool! You will all have a blast :)