Mar 25, 2010

T I R E D !

So, last night Blue asked me to grab his fuzzy green blanket from downstairs so he could sleep with it. I went and grabbed it and took it back upstairs to give to him. When I went to cover him up, I realized it was purple...and that it wasn't even a blanket. I had grabbed Razz's coat! Oi, am I tired. I don't think any amount of sleep will cure it either. Poor Mr. CB is exhausted. He snores a ton and I'm pretty sure there's some sleep apnea going on. He'll have to go to the doctor to get some help, but we have no time for doctor visits! Thank goodness we only have another month and a half of school. Then we can sleep through the summer!


  1. always good to have a goal to get you through the tough times. Keep your eye on the prize, girl!

  2. This is soooo funny. You grabbed the coat... really? REALLY?!!!! and you're first thought is "oh this is a purple blanket." wow... really wow. i know there's a purple blanket just like Blue's green one but really a little girl coat and a blanket are so not the same shape, size, or texture. Really?.... you are too funny. that's why i love you.

    It's like the time Emma walked into the men's bathroom and her first thoughts were, "when did they start putting urinals in the women's restroom."