Mar 26, 2010

Kid Quotes!

Last night Razz complained that her legs hurt. We told her it was probably growing pains. This morning when she woke up she jumped to her feet, stood up straight and asked "Do I look taller?
 It has been relatively warm lately. As such, the most common words that come out of Blue's lips are "Mommy! Coat, on! Shoes, on! Outside!"
What funny thing did your kid (or anyone else's for that matter!) say lately?


  1. Me to my husband: "You look good in that sweatshirt."

    Hubs: "It's because I'm a good-looking guy."

    Wavey: "Daddy, are you positive about that?"

  2. I want to go outside and play with Blue. Can I pleeeaase!

    Also, tell Razz that she is silly and give her a BIG huge from me.