Feb 11, 2010

How I became Ms. Crackle Berry, Part 1: The beginning

I met Mr. CB through my high school dance company. The company was performing a swing dance, which meant we needed boys. Big, strong boys who could swing us around without hitting our heads on the ground (it really hurts when that happens). Naturally all of us girls had our boyfriends be our partners because even if they didn't want to dance, they don't want us dancing with anyone else.
Mr. CB was dating another girl in the company (as was his brother, I guess the Crackle Berry boys have a thing for us dance co girls), and I was oblivious to other guys besides my then boyfriend James. The thing I remember most about Mr. CB at that time was that he was the only guy that seemed genuinely interested in being there! When our guys didn't show (which, unfortunately, was often), we'd practice with Mr. CB so we could teach our guys later.
The swing dance went well, but that was not the last I would see of Mr. CB (or so he tells me). I have quite the brain fog when it comes to high school. I remember very little unless it concerned dance or James. Anyway, Mr. CB tells me I sat with him and the dance co crowd every day at lunch. I do remember vague people-like shapes talking around tables, and their was food, so I am inclined to believe Mr. CB. Besides, several other dance co girls have backed him up. Continuing on.
Mr. CB and his girlfriend broke up, so I didn't see him for a while until he started dating a different dance co girl. See, even then he needed to be near me, even though we didn't know it yet. But life moved on once again and Mr. CB and I went our separate ways. I graduated and moved to the midwest with my family, Mr. CB stayed and worked various jobs, one of which was apprentice body piercer! Little did we know that it was his skills with a hollow needle that would earn him my number. More to come!
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  1. Wait, what??!!!! You can't leave me hanging like that!!!! Thanks for unfolding this, Cherry- I'm hooked to see how an apprentice body piercer and a dance co girl realized they were meant for each other :)