May 26, 2010

NEW! Kid Quotes page!

 Today I got a sweet surprise when I opened my e-mail. My darling sister sent me html code for my Kid Quotes button so now everyone can play along! I created a new page dedicated to Kid Quotes, so to join in the fun just click on the Kid Quotes! below my blog title and follow the instructions.
Kid Quotes on Tales from the Crackleberry Bush
Yesterday I had laid down with Blue for his nap. After he was fast asleep, I went downstairs to finish up some housework. A couple hours later Blue woke up crying. I went upstairs to ask him what the matter was. With those big, brown, puppy dog eyes he said, "I lost you!"

Razz is a super smeller. She can catch a wiff of something miles away, and is always asking "What's that smell?" Not too long ago, I had bought some pear scented deodorant. I stopped wearing it after Mr. CB jumped into the car, took a sniff, and said "What's smells like fruit?" and Razz answered "It must be Momma's armpits!"

Link up and have fun!

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  1. He, He!!!!! I find sometimes the only way I don't get angry is by laughing at some of the things Bear says :)! I will seriously start having to write them down so I can link up.

    Hope all is well with you :)