May 8, 2010

Fever in the morning, fever all through the night!

( I know this pic is a little fuzzy, but it is 100% Razz. Her personality really pops through)

Little Miss Razz is sick. They sent her home Thursday from school. She said her throat hurt so bad she couldn't eat lunch. The nurse took her temp and sure enough I got a call. Problem was I was taking a final and had forgotten my phone. So they called Mr. CB, who works at the bookstore on campus. He isn't allowed to answer his phone while he's on the clock, plus he didn't have a chance to check who called, seeing that it was finals week and everyone was returning their books. So they called my Mom. Sweet, sweet Mother of mine. My Dad was out of town with the car, so she walked, WALKED, from her work to Razz's school and picked her up. Then, because she couldn't be gone too long, Mom had Kay come and meet her and walk Razz the rest of the way to their house so Mom could get back quicker. And Kay carried Razz the rest of the way. Oh, how thankful I am that I have people who love my sweet daughter as much as I do!!
Since Kay had had a virus earlier in the week with a sore throat, I just assumed that's what Razz had. She was acting fine, although she continued to run a low grade fever. She ate okay too, so I didn't think it was that bad. Thursday I kept her home and Friday too, she was running around sucking down milkshakes and more than happy to take advantage of the "all the TV you want when your sick" rule. Then Friday night we went out to eat to celebrate the end of the semester. Razz ordered a cheese quesidilla, and when it came she took one bite then started screaming. It took me a while to calm her down. She was so upset she couldn't eat her food. This morning I took her to the doctor (thank goodness my clinic has walk-in hours Saturday morning!). They swabbed her throat and left, letting me know it would take 5-10 minutes for the results. When the doctor came back in 2 minutes I knew it was bad news. STREP!!! First time having it too.
I feel so stupid. Wednesday night she complained of a sore throat. I just thought it was post-nasal drip from her allergies. Thursday I just thought it was a virus because she acted fine and her fever wasn't too high. I didn't even think of taking her in Friday until it was too late and she was screaming at the restaurant. Mr. CB and Dad gave her a blessing that night and she feel asleep quickly. Three days, though! My poor kid had strep for three whole days before I did anything! They should cancel Mother's Day for me tomorrow, I don't deserve it. To make it even more horrible, Wednesday when she first complained I didn't even think to take her temperature. Thursday when she came home I didn't think to check her throat. If I had, I would have known right away to take her in. I mean, for heaven's sake! I'm a nursing student! These are the first things we learned to do! I know what to look for, I can recognize the tale tale redness on her gigantic tonsils! I was so focused on finals I didn't apply what I had learned! What good is an education if I don't use it? Blah! Goodness, gracious. Well, at least I got her in today. I don't even want to know what condition she would have been in if I had waited till Monday.
We'll see how many of us get it. Mr. CB said something about a sore throat, and I can feel my tonsils swelling just talking about it. Serves me right. Thank goodness Dr. Tim said that if anyone in the family starting coming down with symptoms that we could just call up and they'd call us in a prescription. Happy Mother's Day indeed!

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