May 5, 2010


Boy, am I tired.
1 down, 2 to go.
Pharmacology final grade - A
Nurse Medical/Surgical final in 1 hour - I'm as ready as I'm gonna be. Mr. CB was sooo sweet and quizzed me in the car...until he fell asleep in the middle of a question. He goes back to the sleep doctor on the 13th to find out what his sleep study results were.
Community Nursing final in 1 day...I hope I do well. This is the one I'm the most worried about. I havent' started studying because if I study more than one subject at a time I mix them up on tests. Plus, the content is so abstract and the questions are very specific. Last test in this class the teacher threw out 5 questions out of 40 because we challenged them with information from the book, or they weren't in our assigned reading. I don't think anyone has gotten the grades they deserve.
Anyway, I better head to school. Say a quick prayer for me!


  1. Good luck and yay- congrats on your Pharmacology grade!!! My fingers are crossed for you :)