May 15, 2010

House Cleaning!!

Oh, my heavens! I have spent the entire day cleaning and sweeping and toilet training (which added some extra mopping!). I only finished 2 rooms out of the whole house!! But that's okay, the rest will come. I haven't had time to clean this thoroughly since school started last fall. It is so nice to take the day and scrub, but oi do my feet hurt! I still need to fill out the FAFSA forms to finance Mr. CB and mine school for next semester, order my Biology kit for my internet class this summer, order Razz's flower girl dress for my brother's wedding in July, download pictures of my camera, do some more fund-raising for Great Strides, bake something for the pot-luck tommorow after church, and finish the rest of mine and Mr. CB's love story. Hmmm, I should probably go and do some of that stuff now...
See ya!

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