Apr 20, 2010

A well balanced diet?

 Here is what Blue had for dinner....
A cheese muffin
Some blue milk (otherwise he wouldn't drink it)
A side of ketchup
One day my sweet child will eat veggies like his sister!


  1. love the "side of ketchup" LOL!! Bear somehow got the whipped cream can out of the fridge yesterday and I caught him squirting it into his mouth- Oh JOy!!!! ;)

  2. You must keep food coloring on hand. He might ask for green eggs and ham next! ;)

  3. I have two 2-year-olds and I know exactly how you feel about the eating! I always joke that one of my girls is a carb-atarian and the other one will only eat things that are brown.

    Here's hoping they'll mix in a salad one day!

    (found you through Not Me Monday)

  4. Have you tried recipes that would camouflage and overpower the taste of the vegetables? That could help you make your kids eat veggies.

    Alton Schyff