Apr 17, 2010

So many things.....

First off, let's talk about Blue. Back in February when we took Blue for his 2 year check up, the doctor was concerned about his height. Apparently he dropped 40 percentage points down on the growth chart from his last checkup 6 months prior and his height was still that of a 18 month old. So, he sent us to a pediatrician. The pediatrician seemed alarmed as well and immediately took us down to x-ray to get a film of his hands and wrist bones. Why? Because by measuring the growth plates they can determine his bone age, or how many growth spurts he's had. You want the bone age to = the height age. Good news, the x-rays came back saying his bone age was 15-18months, same as his height age. So, basically he hadn't hit that growth spurt yet. Anyway, they had us come back in this month for a height check and, you guessed it, he's still short! This last Thursday we went to the Endocrinologist Dr. G (he's a doctor that specializes in hormones) to see if there was something else going on. Now, let me just say this. Mr. CB and I haven't really been concerned this whole time. Blue is small and short, just like Razz was. In fact, he's bigger than Razz was at this age. The only reason we've gone to all these doctors it because the doctors are concerned. First thing Dr. G asked me when he walked in is why I was there, if it was because I was concerned or because the doctors were! Finally, a doctor who listens to the parents! He didn't seem nearly as worried as the other doctors. Dr. G explained growth this way. All full term babies are born at 19-21 inches regardless of how tall their parents are. They then either speed up or slow down their growth in the first 2 years until they hit were they are genetically suppose to be. According to Dr. G, if Blue stays on the growth pattern he currently has, he will be 5'6 1/2", the low end of normal when you take into consideration mine and Mr. CB's heights. I'll say it again, NORMAL! Thank you Dr. G. He does want to see Blue in 4 months to make sure he's not dropping off anymore, but as for right now we'll do nothing. Yay! I definitely will remember Dr. G's example of good patient care when I'm finally a RN.
Now lets turn our attention to Blue's head...
It's huge! His bike helmet from last year was too small, so we went ahead and ordered him and Razz new helmets....in the same size! At least we know this one will last him a little while. We spent a little extra and got the multiple impact helmets because Blue is always hitting his head even when he's not on his bike or skateboard. You're suppose to throw a bike helmet away after one impact. That means we would have gone through three already! I'm sorry, but I don't have a picture of Razz in her's. She didn't really need a new one, but these one are more adjustable than her old one and a better fit = better protection. Plus, we got free shipping if we ordered two :).
One, final note, this last week has been tough! Sunday Blue threw up in the middle of church. Bad thing is, since our chapel is being remodeled, we meet in the middle school auditorium. Good news, the floor is concrete. Bad news, the floor is slanted. Luckily there was no one sitting directly in front of us. Mr. CB took Blue out to clean him up while I stayed behind, hurrying to make a baby wipe dam on the floor so the puke wouldn't continue flowing down towards peoples shoes. I feel sorry for the speaker. No one was listening, the whole congregation was watching me clean up the floor. After we left church we went to my parent's house, which was a hour and fifteen minute drive. It took longer than that since Blue puked all over himself and the car seat. By the time we got to my parents he was fine. He did well Monday too, until that night when Razz started throwing up. Then he decided to join her. Oh, and did I mention we were still at my parents? And that Mr. CB was helping my mom with repairing a toilet? And that there was no running water? And that Mr. CB got sick too? Once I got one kid cleaned up the other one would spew. I couldn't wash clothes, and I was relying on heating water up in a bowl in the microwave to wash my hands with. Not fun. I was up all night. Oh, and did I mention that I had a huge test the next morning? Well, I did. I could have taken it later, but I just wanted to get it over with. I only missed three (woohoo!) so that was okay. I took care of the kids the rest of the day. Wednesday, I woke up sick. Bad news because I had a quiz to take online, plus my mom was out of town and she needed me to help finish up dishes, vacuuming, and such because an inspector was coming Thursday. So I didn't get any rest. Oi. Thursday we went to the Endocrinologist and Friday I spent doing a huge assignment that's due on Monday. I'm not finished yet, so that will be the rest of my weekend. Here's to motherhood!


  1. First I must say that I was disappointed that this was not a birthday post... I want to see pictures of the hat and birthday cake... BUT the part with the slanted floor was flipping hilarious.
    Also, you told me about the pukage but not the water being turned off... that sucks!
    Inspector? as in gadget?
    It's true... you're children are short with abnormally large heads... they will end up looking like the queen of hearts from the new alice in wonderland
    Razz will be so cute as she orders, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

  2. My little Griffin goes for his 2yr appt this week and I'm expecting "the talk" about his height/weight because he, too, is a peanut with a big head. The kid still wears 12-18 month clothing! And we have that same shirt in the photo featured of Blue - go Target!