Dec 30, 2009

The One and Only...

Me, that is! Welcome to my blog. I'll just assume the only reason you're reading this is because you know me already. But because I'm using pseudonyms, I'll go ahead and introduce you my Crackle Berry family. My sweet hubby...

 Mr. Crackle Berry (Mr. CB)
and my Crackle Berry babies...


As it is getting late, and I promised Mr. CB I'd play some Wii with him before we turn out the lights of our tiny house, I'll leave it at that. Happy New Year!


  1. This is Grandma Crackleberry. We had a great Christmas! I love seeing Blue and Jazz. I wiah I had pictures to post. Time will tell. Love the front door picture. Iam grateful it is not that cold here. Love ya.

  2. All the Crackleberry children seem to have had eating problems as they grew up. They also grew out of it except the third oldest never seemed to get better.Just hang in there. We wish you a very Happy New Year. We stayed up watching the original Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and the new GI Joe Movies.

  3. Hi this is Fox Girl(a.k.a. Aunt Joy)email me some time get it from grandma Crackleberry.