Dec 31, 2009

All I GOT for Christmas!

I got a lot, actually. Surprising since we have almost no spare money. Mr. CB cheated and used the points off our credit card to shower me with gifts, which also meant that I couldn't use the points for him. I only gave him one present, and I had to use all my Christmas money sent in from various relatives, so really it was from everybody. Anyhow, my favorite gift I got was...

Star Trek Next Generation Season 4!!
Never mind that I don't have Season 3, that can wait. And since my sweet sister Kay was visiting, we stayed up late Treking out. Woot! It's so nice having someone who is as crazy about Star Trek NG as I am. Mr. CB thinks it's nice and all, but doesn't geek out about it like I do. In fact, often he finds it makes a good lullaby. Oh well, he's perfect in every other way. I guess I can't hold it against him. I mean, he did buy it for me after all.
I'm also excited for all of our new Wii games! Kay got us the new Wii Fit Plus, which has a ton of fun new games, and a much better workout program than the original Wii Fit. My brother Farris gave us Mario Party 8, which I'm excited to play with my other sister May and her fam in Georgia. He also got the kids some maraca music game. And then Mr. CB was blessed with Wii Skate and Tony Hawk Ride which we already had to warranty the board because it kept cracking. We only have a week left to play since school starts soon and it's practically impossible to find time for Wii when you don't have enough time to make a decent meal.
Speaking of meals, Blue won't eat almost everything. Even his favorites he's starting to refuse. Dorky boy! We try to limit snacks between meals so we know he's hungry, but if he doesn't want it, he'd rather go to bed without anything. So it's Pediasure, chicken nuggets, peanut butter, watermelon, and cereal. That's it if you don't count cake, cookies, and candy that he prefers. Any ideas? Preferably ones that don't involve time or money, because I have neither!
I'm making some pizzelles today, 'cause the Crackle Berry Bush is going to be rockin' tonight for New Years Eve. Yum! Anyway, I better go before Razz and Blue tip over Grandma's Christmas tree...again.


  1. How old is he? Charlie is 3, almost 4 years old and I sometimes wonder what he lives off of. Sometimes he just doesn't eat a whole lot, even if snacks between meals are limited or there are none. I know the feeling. Frustrating, I agree. (My "favorite": His telling me he's so incredibly hungry/starving, then not eating most of his meal, then just before bed telling me "I'm hungry. I want dinner."...Uh, then why didn't you eat dinner when we had it????) Hopefully he'll outgrow it quickly! (Both yours and mine.) All I can figure is that when he's hungry enough he'll eat.

  2. Jen - Blue is almost 2 (that reminds me, I have to start planning his party). He's been this way for almost a year, once he went off baby food. Both my kids have this whole super sensitivity to texture thing. If it doesn't feel right, they won't eat it.